Tlingit Tribal Art

Robert Davis Hoffmann: Tlingit Tribal Art


Tlingit Indian from Kake, Alaska. Tsaagweidi clan, Xaay Hit (Yellow Cedar House). My Tlingit name is Xaashuch'eet.

I am primarily a designer. Though I've always loved cedar and have been a woodcarver for many years, I find much freedom in design.
I paint in acrylics and work in mixed media. I explore ways to represent contempory issues by using themes of re-creation and transformation.

In using non-traditional materials and styles I bridge the past to the present.

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Killer Whale Painting

11" x 14" x 7/8" deep. Acrylic on American Easel birch panel.

The face behind the dorsal fin is a stylized eagle.
The spray coming out of the spout is represented by a hand.

These panels can be hung as is, or framed.