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Work: Downtime is a Misnomer

Village Boy Book Cover Art

I work a seasonal position at the Sheldon Jackson Museum (SJM), May 1 - September 30. I thought that would be ideal for getting lots and lots of artwork done. Not quite that easy!

I co-teach 3 classes with the Rural Human Services (RHS) Program in Anchorage and Fairbanks, a program that helped me get certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. Although the Bill Brady Healing Center closed, where I was a counselor for 5 years, I keep my CDCI certification, and I stay involved with the RHS Program.

Sheldon Jackson Museum is one of the places for inspiration for art. Believe me, I have enough ideas to carry me into the next decade! I have drawers of sketches!

This year I thought I'd do some "professional development" in spite of feeling silly for taking 100 level art at age 61. It's frustrating to have concepts, and to lack skills to exectute them. So I signed up for Norm Campbells Drawing class at the University of Alaska Southeast. It's a treat to myself. Norm Campbell is a great artist, and a wonderful and patient teacher. Check out Norm Campbell Art on Facebook.

I try to keep in the practice of writing. I have poems in various stages of completion, from jotted notes, to scribbled phrases, to rough drafts. I have journals, notebooks, and loose pages. I have poems on my computer, and poems in my head. Just like my drawer of sketches, I need time to do something with these! So I decided to do a one-month residency at Centrum in Port Townsend. I'll be there mid-January to mid-February devoting time to completing this manuscript of poems, and to work on another illustrated manuscript. More to be revealed...

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New Blog


I have been on down time from my job at the Sheldon Jackson Museum, able to immerse myself more in my most fulfilling pastime: art work! I have been uploading finished items to my online store and as I added each item, I would upload a photo onto my Facebook and then make a blog entry on my Blogger blog.

I thought that was getting a little bit scattered and redundant, so I added this new blog to do all that in one place!

I will be blogging about

our Tlingit culture,our Tlingit art,completed art pieces as they are uploaded to the storemy own art process,my own life experiences and personal viewpoints.

I hope you come back often to check for updates.

My seasonal job keeps me busy from the first week in May until the first week in October. Posts may slow down during that time, otherwise keep coming back!

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