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Art and Ego, or Please "Like" Me


Does inspiration for art come from some sacred place? Am I driven by my art, or is my art driven by me? In the latter, is that simply my ego suggesting that I should take credit for the source of my creation? And does that get in the way of true inspiration?

Can my ego be something positive that encourages creation?

For an artist to endure in spite of public criticism, ego can be a positive. Sometimes criticism makes me feel like my work isn’t good enough. Others times I believe I am the best judge of my own work and I shake off the criticism. In that sense, ego protects.

In the following, my ego gets in the way:

  1. The Criticism Trap
  2. The Stereotype Trap
  3. The Comparison Trap
  4. The Fame Trap
  5. The Spokesperson Trap

The Criticism Trap

I occasionally am contracted to create designs which require collaboration in the development of the design. There is a back-and-forth process before the final version is decided upon. The design comes together in stages and the contractor not only has input, he also has final decision, which may be very different from mine.

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