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2023 Solo Exhibition

Filling Empty Spaces: Attraction and Distraction

It was quite an honor to have been chosen as for the 2023 solo exhibition at the Sheldon Jackson Museum. Quite a bit goes into an exhibition: the display, labels, choice of art pieces, hanging, measuring, pamphlets, and of course, the opening!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person. Crowds enervate me. Nevertheless, I could not pass up this opportunity to display my work in the same building that houses one of the finest collections of our Alaska Native art in the world, my wonderful place of work from where I retired in February 2022.

The exhibit spans two walls;  one wall of 7 carved picture frames, and an adjacent wall with 4 painted panels.

The pieces explore the theme “Filling Empty Spaces: Attraction and Distraction” — the void that is not satisfied by our vain pursuits. The wall below shows the set of empty frames illustrating those pursuits: Credentials, Wealth, Status, Religion, Addiction, Technology.


The other side of that is our pursuits that are truly fulfilling and enduring: Belonging, Becoming, Being, and Awareness.


Posted in Art by Robert Davis Hoffmann