These carvings by Tlingit artist, Robert Davis Hoffmann, span a 30 year period, from 1976 to 2006. Ranging from 2-dimensional panels to 3-dimensional sculptural masks, bowls, and spoons, the carvings show my personal style I’ve developed over the years.

Early Box Design
Box front design. Carved in yellow cedar, 1975.
Thunderbird. Carved yellow cedar panel, 1975.
Beaver Mask. Alder. Carved 1981.
Raven. Carved in yellow cedar, 1985.
SNHP Carved Panel
Eagle and Killerwhale carved panel. Sitka National Historical Park. Carved1987.
Pregnant Woman. Carved of alder, 1985.
Moon and Tides Panel
Moon and Tides carved panel, Sitka National Historical Park. Carved 1987.
Diving Killer Whales. Carved in red cedar. Commissioned by Dr. Robert Smith of Wenatchee, WA, 1987.
Killer Whale and Coho. Carved house panel. Commissioned by Mike and Edna Jackson of Kake, Alaska, 1989.
SNHP Carved Panel
History of Tlingit carved panel at Sitka National Historical Park. Carved 1990.
Copy of nickd
Kittiwake and Raven. Commissioned by Nick Davis of Kake, Alaska, 1997.
Killer Whale fin with human hair. Carved of osage orange, 1999.
Canoe Paddle close-up, carved 1999.
Canoe paddle, carved 1999.
Carved Ladle
Carved ladle, alder. Raven head. 2005.
Raven and Eagle. Carved in yellow cedar, 2005.
angle above
Halibut bowl embedded with beads. Carved 2006.
Halibut bowl embedded with beads. Carved 2006.
frame top
Humming Bird and Coho picture frame. Carved of yellow cedar, 2012.
CreanFrame Final
Cranes and Salmon. Yellow cedar, carved 2012.