Early Paintings

Early paintings of Tlingit artist, Robert Davis Hoffmann. I began painting in my own experimental Tlingit formline style very early on. Although the below images are dated from 1984, I never took photos of my Tlingit artwork. Please forgive the low quality of these images; they are recovered from water-damaged 35mm slides.

Abstract Killer Whale and Raven. Acrylic. 1985
Naatsilanei, a Tsaagweidi clan story. Acrylic, 1985.
Salmon Trout
Salmon Trout heads. Acrylic, 1985.
Salmon Boy
Salmon Boy story. Acrylic, 1985.
Painting Man Bird
Man in Flight. Acrylic, 1985.
Blind Salmon
Blind Salmon. Acrylic, 1985.