Early Paintings

Early paintings of Tlingit artist, Robert Davis Hoffmann. I began painting in my own experimental Tlingit formline style very early on. Although the below images are dated from 1984, I never took photos of my Tlingit artwork. Please forgive the low quality of these images; they are recovered from water-damaged 35mm slides.

Later Paintings

Paintings of Tlingit artist Robert Davis Hoffmann. Most of these are from 2008; many were created on commission, some as gifts, others for artist markets. These paintings are mostly in my own personal style of Tlingit formline, based on an older formline style.


These carvings by Tlingit artist, Robert Davis Hoffmann, span a 30 year period, from 1976 to 2006. Ranging from 2-dimensional panels to 3-dimensional sculptural masks, bowls, and spoons, the carvings show my personal style I’ve developed over the years.


Tlingit artist Robert Davis Hoffmann collaborative works with Perseverence Theater as set designer for “Tlingit Macbeth,” illustrator for Jan Steinbright’s Raven House Mouse, and logo designs for Sitka Recovery Month.

Sealaska Celebrations Backdrop
2015 - 2016

Gallery of artwork created by Tlingit artist Robert Davis Hoffmann during 2015 – 2016.
Current work can be found in my online shop.