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Lifelong Learning

Eye sketch from Norm Cambell's Drawing class

It’s quite a busy Fall!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been taking Drawing classes at the University of Alaska Southeast with Norm Campbell instructor. I’ve had to miss a few classes due to travel, but am learning and practicing the basics nonetheless. Here are a few samples:

 Eye sketch from Norm Cambell's Drawing classDrop Cloth drawing from Norm Cambell's classthumb IMG 0330

I thought I had no skills at drawing real life, but I did surprised myself! What I’m hoping to take away from the Drawing classes are ways to shade or even reinterpret my existing Tlingit Formline designs.

Most of my life I’ve been a doodler. Restaurants that have crayons for children to draw on napkins have the right idea! I found I could pay closer attention if I drew while listening. Unfortunately, many teachers didn’t agree.

Over the years, I’ve aquired drawers full of sketches I’ve saved. Now I can do a little more with them. Expanding one’s skills (and knowledge) IS a lifelong process! Don’t let that nasty voice of self-doubt thwart your creativity!



Posted in Art by Robert Davis Hoffmann