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Picture Frame – Addiction: Seeking Contentment


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17″ x 15″ yellow cedar, inlaid beads, stained. The inside measurement is cut out for an 11″ x 9″ insert.

This piece was part of a solo exhibition at the Sheldon Jackson Museum, “Filling Empty Spaces: Attraction and Distraction” In this show, I use my artwork to represent the numerous and erroneous ways we fill an emptiness within. For each piece, I name what we pursue, followed by what it is we really seek.

This piece is titled, “Addiction: Seeking Contentment.”  The carvings represents addictions as a consuming being (the top mouth with sharp teeth) and hands reaching out of a quagmire. The hands have an embedded red bead, signifying a type of stigmata. The upside down faces at the bottom are coffins, with the beings on either side representing temptation.